Business Accounting | 3 Actions To Take When Your Café Is Losing Money

Running a café requires talent and hard work, but sometimes these are simply not enough when you notice your bottom line starting to sink deeper into despair. Go back to the drawing board and sneak a detailed peek at your business numbers because you're probably making avoidable mistakes. Here are some actions to take when your café is losing money. Re-Look At Your Daily Sales Report A re-look at your daily sales report will give you an indication of what your customers are buying and what they aren't.

3 Ways to Save Money on Commercial or Business Insurance

Business or commercial insurance is a necessary part of operating your company, although it's no doubt an expense that many business owners wish they could reduce. After all, your commercial insurance doesn't bring customers through your front door or help you to sell any products. While you can't eliminate insurance altogether, there are some ways you can usually save money on its cost. Note a few tips on how to do this.